Commercial Snow Removal


In Toledo, Ohio, snow and ice removal are a necessity when you own a commercial property. Slick walkways and iced sidewalks could lead to disaster, pain, and possibly a lot of time and money spent in court. Whether or not you see clients and customers at your place of business, having a snow and ice removal company under contract is part of responsible commercial property-ownership.

Per Push Pricing

Snow plowing services are performed and clients are quoted a rate per visit and push. This pricing works very well with high traffic sites such as medical centers and bank branches.

Seasonal Pricing

Snow plowing services are performed at a quoted flat price for the winter season. This pricing structure may or may not include a seasonal "snowfall cap" before reverting to another price structure such as per push.

We take winter weather very seriously! We utilize a variety of methods to remove ice and snow quickly, safely and effectively to prevent the hazards that go along with having slippery driveways, walkways and entryways.

We want your commercial property to be a safe, enjoyable place for your guests, employees and customers. If you are looking at deicing salt companies or rock salt contractors to keep your parking lot and sidewalks ice-free, you don’t have to look any further than. We are your full-service landscaping company all year long, including the winter months.

Please contact us for a consultation. We will look at the space that you need to keep clear in the winter and give you a fair and accurate price quote. We look forward to serving your business this winter and in the winters to come!

Other Snow & Ice management services include:

  • Loader Services / Trucking Snow Removal
  • Salt Application
  • Shoveling
  • Sidewalk Clearing & Maintenance
  • De-icing
  • Snow Relocation